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How we got started

I didn't know you could sing!


We began exploring music and singing together in 2016 when Diane moved back to the area after a 10 year absence. I ran into Bob and Diane at a dance and he suggested we get together and play some music, just for fun. Happy discovery! My oh my the girl can SING! Old friends new again, and with mutual desire develop musically we decided to embark on a new adventure –  

Larry and Diane: Bloom!  

An Eclectic musical experience.

Diane is an accomplished dancer and singer from a musical family performing with her brothers in the DelGardno family singers on a regular schedule. Always singing the music she loves on her own and in groups, now expanding into new genres and styles with her own unique delivery.

Larry has played guitar and bass guitar in rock and jazz bands growing up in the Seattle area, teaching, performing and leading bands playing in clubs, outdoor venues, and private events. After a not-so brief hiatus it is time once again to put the music first with Diane's fine vocals backed by Larry's creative arranging and playing.

With a wide variety of musical styles in our repertoire, we can connect with audiences of all types and ages. Always adding new and unique songs and arrangements we hope you will enjoy what we have to offer. Check out our calendar for the latest dates and locations!